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Club Kids in Danger Saved Inc.

(nationally awarded) nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.


Club Kids in Danger Saved Inc. nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. For over 20 years Club Kids in Danger Saved Inc. have kept underprivileged children off the streets and out of jail by providing them fun and safe alternatives.


For over 25 plus years Club Kids in Danger Saved Inc. have kept underprivileged children off the streets and out of jail by providing them fun and safe alternatives in the city of Milwaukee, WI. 53206 zip code, one of the worst places in the world for African Americans (blacks).

The Club Kids Clubhouse is a great place for the kids to hang out after school and on weekends. In addition to helping kids develop skills in a fun and progressive areas of learning, we also dedicate several days of the month for community service. Youth volunteers participate in activities such as neighborhood cleanup, senior citizen lawn care, and snow removal service, and mentoring. We also have a monthly teen summit (Shine A Light on Youth) for the kids to express their thoughts on neighborhood relations, education, and whatever else they would like to be heard.

Quality youth development programs can cut crime immediately and transform this prime time for juvenile crime into hours of academic enrichment, wholesome fun, and community service. They protect both kids and adults from becoming victims of crime, and cut teen pregnancy, smoking, and drug use, while they help youngsters develop the values and skills they need to become contributing citizens. The success of our team depends on our wonderful sponsors and donations. We appreciate their support, we promote their brands and we patronize their businesses.

And now we need help from the community,



Kids In Danger


aka Club Kids Inc.

Las Vegas, NV, Milwaukee WI, Phoenix AZ, Las Angelas CA,



Club Kids Inc. mission is to empower the kids with the knowledge, strength, and determination to become a better person and citizen of the community. By educating them with the skills they need to succeed. Our goal is to keep them out of trouble off the streets out of gangs, and out of jail. by giving them an alternative to the dangerous streets, By offering them creative activities in a controlled environment and introducing them to a new and different world through Arts, Sports, Recreation and Entertainment.

Ruling Year


Executive Director

Mr. Marcus Duke


Mrs. Latoya Duke

Main Address

304 S. Jones Blvd


Las Vegas, NV 89107 USA


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